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Bloming Buddha

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Bloming Buddha

Each piece is created combining Ancient and Innovative methods. A Symbiosis of Digital Sculpting, 3D printing and Lost Wax Casting, using only precious metals.
  • All Items Are Crafted in .925 Sterling Silver.
  • Designed in and Manufactured in our Studio.
  • All Chains are Created in Italy.
  • All Pieces Have a Lifetime Guarantee with replacement of any bent or broken.
  • #Handcrafted

In his search for balance, Siddhartha Gautama chose to elevate his spirit; he left all his worldly posessions behind and followed the path of intense transformation. He bloomed through all the spiritual teachings he absorbed and became what is now known as Buddha, ‘The Awakened’ or ‘The Enlightened One’. This ring is a symbol of great changes, of death and rebirth, a tribute to the human nature striving endlessly for clarity, lightness and calm.